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We Increase the Value of
Your Parking Real Estate

ParkJockey’s primary focus is on enhancing our clients' net operating income. Our solutions streamline the parking process for drivers and facilitate immediate improvements in operations, transparency, data capture, cost management, security and revenue maximization.
Visibility & Control
Get real-time visibility into people, vehicles and payments at your locations. Extract insights to optimize operations and revenue oportunities.
Connect with Customers
Upgrade to user-centric parking and gather empowering Big Data on parking patterns. Target users on arrival with marketing opportunities.
Innovative Technology
The latest innovations in parking technology can be tailored and customized to fit your requirements, making operations efficient and customer experience flawless
Boost Revenues & Real Estate Value
ParkJockey aims to reduce operational costs with our innovative parking technology solution which can be tailored to suit your requirements


ParkJockey offers a full-suite of parking products to manage and optimize your parking operations.

Our unique product offering is fully integrated allowing you full real-time visibility and control across all of your parking portfolio.

We help our clients redefine the parking experience